Aircraft Operated by VR-24

Lockheed GV-1U (C-130) Hercules

VR-24's ability to support U.S. naval operations and national interests took on a new character with the introduction of the Lockheed GV-1U (C-130F) to squadron operations on 28 February 1962. Developed in the early 1950s to modernize the U.S. Air Force's airlift capability, the C-130 has proven to be perhaps the most successful and effect transport aircraft ever built. With the GV/C-130, VR-24 was able to complete missions on one day that had, with the R5D, required at least two days. Providing support for U.S. Navy forces in other parts of Europe, Africa, and Asia also became practical as a result of the Hercules' increased speed and range.

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C130 793 Naples (salerno)

C-130 794 (USNAM)
C-130 794 (USNAM)

VR-24 C-130 near Gibraltar (USNAM)

C-130 9790 Sigonella (herndon)
C-130 790 Sigonella (mccoy)

C130 790 takeoff (from Rota?) (galinos)

C130 793, Port Lyautey 1962

C130 797 looks "brand new" (Port Lyautey 1962).

C130 797 at Capodichinno 1974.

C130 793.
(USN Photo_schenone)

An interesting photo of C130 793 taken from an R5D.
(USN Photo_ruggles)

C130 790 on approach to Hal-Luqa, Malta 1966