Aircraft Operated by VR-24

Grumman C2A Greyhound

The C2A Greyhound was developed as a replacement for the TF/C1 Trader, but as often happens, the replacement became an important addition to VR-24's stable of airborne workhorses. One can infer that VR-24's operational commitments continued to increase dramatically throughout the 1970s and early '80s. A derivative of Grumman's successful E-2 Hawkeye" shipboard AEW aircraft, the C2 was accepted by the Navy only one month after its first flight in November 1964. Although tagged with the appelation of "Fat Albert" because of its rotund apearance, the C2 commands respect for its impressive load-hauling capabilities. After receiving its first C2A Greyhound in 1966, VR-24 used the aircraft in support of every major crisis and action that the U.S. Navy participated in dring the Squadron's last twenty-five years of operations. The Greyhounds were still running strong when the squadron was decommissioned in January 1993.

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C2A on approach (unknown)

C2A 792 (salerno)
C2A 5123 Carrier Cat Shot (USNAM)

C2A 123 near Mt Etna (galinos)

C2A 124 on ramp undisclosed location (galinos)
C2A catshot from USS Kennedy (galinos)

C2A lifts off JFK (galinos)

C2A 123 leaving Rota (bascom)

C2A 124 over Spain (bascom)

C2A 155124 traps on JFK (wilemon)

C2A 155122 at Nice, 1970 (salerno)

A C2As prepare to launch for photo shoot(bachman)

C2As approach Mt Etna during photo shoot(bachman)

C2As overfly homebase, Signnella(bachman)

VR-24 C2A, USS America DET, IO, 1981(bachman)

A VR-24 C2A traps USS America DET, IO, 1981(bachman)

VR-24, Greenbush Airlines, C2A, USS America DET, IO, 1981(bachman)

Bradshaw 21, a VR-24 "reproduction" C2 (USN photo_thompson collection)

VR-24 C2A 124 and C130 790 formate over Spain (creswell)

VR-24 C2A 20 (2176) at Hal-Luqa, Malta 1966 (attard)

VR-24 C2A 26 (2172) at Hal-Luqa, Malta (attard)

VR-24 C2A 26 (2172) departing Hal-Luqa, Malta (attard)

VR-24 C2A just leaving bow catapult (attard)

C2A 791 in maintenance on ramp at Sigonella (galinos)

VR-24 C2A 22 (2142) Aviano, Italy 1986 (gabbana)

VR-24 C2A 24 (2144) on approach Aviano, Italy 1986 (gabbana)

VR-24 C2A 26 (2146) on approach Aviano, Italy 1987 (gabbana)

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