Aircraft Operated by VR-24

Rockwell CT39G Sabreliner

Designed by North American, later acquired by Rockwell International, the Sabreliner was developed in the late 1950s to meet an Air Force requirement for a light utility transport and trainer. In addition to obtaining earlier models as trainers in 1962 and 1963, the Navy began taking delivery of twelve "G" model Sabreliners in 1973. VR-24 received three Rockwell CT-39G aircraft in October of that year. VR-24 continued to operate CT-39Gs throughout the remainder of its operational history.


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../Aircraft_photos/CT39_Mt_Etna_capel.jpg CT-39G Sabreliner 159362 Over Mt Etna (unknown)

../Aircraft_photos/CT39_Valkenburg_schleiffert.jpgCT-39G Sabreliner 159363 at Valkenburg (schleiffert)

../Aircraft_photos/CT39_engchg_galinos.jpgCT-39G Sabreliner 159362 gets new engine (galinos)

../Aircraft_photos/CT39_159363_one_overSpain_mynyk.jpg.jpg CT-39G Sabreliner 159363 Over Spain (mynyk)

../Aircraft_photos/CT39_159363_two_overSpain_mynyk.jpgCT-39G Sabreliner 159363 "beam-shot" (mynyk)

../Aircraft_photos/CT39_159363_three_overSpain_mynyk.jpgCT-39G Sabreliner 159363 takes the lead (mynyk)

../Aircraft_photos/CT39_locationunk_ware.jpg.jpg CT-39G at unknown location Europe (ware)

../Aircraft_photos/CT39_two_Capo_wilemon_1974.jpgA pair of CT-39G Sabreliners at Capo 1974 (wilemon)

../Aircraft_photos/CT39_159363_capel.jpgCT-39G 159363 at Capo date unknown (capel)

../Aircraft_photos/CT39_Stromboli_bachman.jpg.jpg CT-39G over Stromboli (bachman)

../Aircraft_photos/CT39_362_bachman.jpgCT-39G 362 early morning flight (bachman)

../Aircraft_photos/CT39_159362_bachman.jpgCT-39G 159362 close up (bachman)

../Aircraft_photos/CT39_clouds_bachman.jpg.jpg CT-39G begins descent (bachman)

../Aircraft_photos/CT39_tailshot_bachman.jpgTail view (bachman)

../Aircraft_photos/CT39_quarterdeck_bachman.jpgCT-39Gs on Quarterdeck, Sigonella (bachman)

../Aircraft_photos/CT39_pisa_thompson.jpgCT-39G at Pisa, Italy (bachman)

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