Aircraft Operated by VR-24

Douglas R4D

VRU-4, which became VR-24, began operating Douglas R4Ds when it was commissioned in 1946. "R4D" was the Navy's designation for the DC-3, first flown as an airliner in 1935. Also known as the C-47, C-53, C-117, Skytrain, Dakota, and other names and designations, the aircraft was flown by all U.S. and many allied services during and after WWII. In 1949, Douglas flew an updated version of the type. Marketed as the Super DC-3, it offered increased capacity and performance. The Navy opted for factory upgrades to 100 of its existing R4Ds, which became R4D-8s. Although three feet longer than a standard R4D and having more powerful engines, the most notable features of the "dash 8" were its taller, "squared-off", vertical stabilizer and square wing tips. Less noticeable were the fully enclosed main landing gear and partially retractable tail wheel. VR-24 continued to operate the R4D throughout Europe and the Mediterranean area until 1954. Former members of the squadron undoubtedly have great memories of the R4D, and quite likely many "hairy airies" as well.

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Douglas R4D-8 (USN photo)

Douglas R4D-8 772 near Blackbushe(USN photo)

R4D-5 (owen collection)
R4D5 102 in "Bare-metal" Port Lyautey, 1951

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