Aircraft Operated by VR-24

Douglas R6D Liftmaster

The success of the Douglas DC-4/C-54/R5D resulted in the development of the DC-6, versions of which became the Air Force C-118 and Navy R6D. First flown in February 1946, the DC-6 was essentially an enalarged version of the DC-4. Besides having the same wing, the two aircraft shared a common fuselage structure, later vesions of the DC-6 being roughly twelve feet longer and capable of being pressurized. The longer fuselage allowed for increased seating of up to 102 passengers in the DC6B, but seating in the Navy equivalent R6D was seventy-two to seventy-five. The increased horsepower of its Pratt & Whitney R2800 engines enabled the DC-6 to operate above most enroute weather, and for VR-24 which began operating R6Ds in 1962, shortened transit time along the various routes on which they were flown by the squadron.

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R6D 597 (mccoy)"
R6D 597 (mccoy)
R6D 597 (mccoy)
R6D 131597 (USN photo schenone)

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