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1 September 2003
























What's new at the VR-24 Website?

  • I would like to again thank all who have generously contributed photos and material for the website. I still have not found time to post 100% of the photos and material received. I will, however, continue to review all material on hand and look for appropriate ways to display it in future uploads. The site is, of course, and will remain under construction with the hope that future additions and changes to its content will provide continued improvements to the site and add to the enjoyment of its visitors.

  • This upload includes both new pages and changes to existing pages. New Port Lyautey and Naples pages contain site specific photos. New Ops Summaries/Propwash pages include additional articles/photos intended to depict interesting and/or humorous events relating to squadron operations.

    Perhaps the most significant change incorporated with this upload is a "Whats New" page. The Whats New page includes direct links to all new and/or change pages.

    Site visitors will also find another new feature in this upload. All Scrapbook pages can now be access directly from the page being view at the time. This should make "navigation" between pages more convenient, and hopefully, more pleasent.

Future Plans for the VR-24 Website.

  • Additional pages will continue to be added as needed to reflect the interests of members of the VR-24 Association. Input from former members of the squadron and detachments, spouses, children, and friends is always welcome.
  • Among the additional pages still being considered are "trophy pages" and a "Captains' Gallery". The intent of the trophy pages would be to depict images and citations of the awards and other forms of recognition received by VR-24 during its forty-six year operational history. As the name implies, the Captains' Gallery would contain photos of every skipper of the squadron and permanent detachment CO/OIC. Preferrably, the photos would be official USN showing the individual in uniform. Material and photos with which to "build" these pages would be very much appreciated.
  • Additional photos of squadron aircraft are also being sought. Photos of the Beechcraft JRB (same as the US Navy SNB, USAAF/USAF C-45, and the civilian Beechcraft Model 18) and the amphibian transport version of the Martin PBM-5A Mariner (most likely in overall blue) are particularly desirable. Only authentic photos of aircraft with the correct VR-24 tail letters are desired. Prior to about 1955, VR-24 aircraft had tail letters,'RD'. After about 1955, the squadron's tail letters were changed to 'JM'.
  • Images in BMP, JPEG/JPG, GIF, or TIFF format are preferred, however, other electronic formats or "hardcopy" can be accommodated. Please email site webmaster/editor, Dick Prather, at: mailto:rprather@pacbell.net to arrange for handling and care of photographs and/or other material to be contributed to the VR-24 website.
  • A cautionary note. The webmaster/editor of this site does not have the means of researching material received and will necessarily rely on the contributor for accuracy of information provided.

Site Copyright Information

  • All photographs, images, and material (including text, forms, documents, etc.) shown on this website are protected by U.S. Copyright law. The creators and/or legal owners of original photographs, electronic images, and written material retain rights to such material under U.S. Copyright law. Members of the VR-24 Association, former members of VR-24 and its detachments, their dependents, and heirs are authorized unrestricted, non-exclusive, use of the material on this website. Anyone else may copy photos and/or material from this website for personal, non-commercial, purposes. Parties interested in other use of photographs, images, text, or other material shown on this website may address requests to site webmaster/editor, Dick Prather, at: mailto:rprather@pacbell.net
  • Information (including photographs, images, documents, and text) that is known or likely to be copyright protected will not be posted on this website. Individuals providing material for inclusion in the site's webpages are urged to ascertain and indicate the source, along with permission for its use, when forwarding photos/material to the site webmaster/editor.

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