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The Archive files below contain all Guestbook entries posted between April 2002, when the web site was established, and February 2007 when the current guestbook provider was selected. Entries from the Current Guestbook will be periodically moved to the archive files to reduce the amount of data stored in the Guestbook provider server.

Although the Archive guestbook entries include email adresses, some/many may be obsolete since responsibility for updating them rests with the person posting an entry in the Guestbook.

Click on the titles below to view associated collections of Guestbook entries.

Guestbook Entries: 

VR-24   Guestbook (Archive Messages)(Oct 2005 - Feb 2007)

VR-24   Guestbook (Archive Messages)(Nov 2004 - Oct 2005)

VR-24   Guestbook (Archive Messages)(Oct 2003 - Nov 2004)

VR-24   Guestbook (Archive Messages)(Apr 2002 - Oct 2003)

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