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More photos from Sam Todd's collection taken during an operational detachment to Decimimannu, Sardinia in May, 1965.

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Members of VR-24 Det Naples engage in the fine art of tagging, usually the act of painting a distinctive symbol identifying the unit doing the tagging of a visiting aircraft, or in this case, vehicle.


This RCAF T33 shows the work of VR-24 taggers. From the sounds of it, the Canadians gave as good as they got, painting their maple leaf symbols on everything that was marked USN.


View from below. Photo probably taken during COD mission during Deci Det, May 1965.


Overhead USS Saratoga prior to landing aboard, May 1965


The COD was usually spotted (parked) at the back of the pack, which positioned it to be deck-launched the length of the angle. This photo captures the view forward while awaiting launch aboard USS Saratoga (CVA-60), 1965


Spad from VA-176 taxis forward, likely to a waist catapult, for launch aboard USS Saratoga (CVA-60), 1965.


Final approach to USS FORRESTAL (CVA-59), 1965

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