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The photos on this page were contributed by PR2 Rich Reiman, USN RET who served in VR-24 from 1988 to 1991. The photos were taken during the squadron Detachment to Jeddah, Saudi, Arabia in support of Desert Storm and during a later detachment to Incirlik AFB, near Adana, Turkey to provide comfort to the Iraqi Kurds.

Anyone who has photos or information that he/she cares to share with "shipmates" and friends is encouraged to send them to Dick Prather, Webmaster/Editor of the VR-24 website.


A Group of VR-24 personnel assigned to the VR-24 Desert Storm Detachment at Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. L-R: An Unident, Gattlin (ear protectors & goggles), AMS2 Jeff Hughes (holding flag), AZ3 Brookes (rag on head), PR2 Rich Reiman, and an Unident. Help in identifying the other two individuals shown would be appreciated.


Two VR-24 ground crew relax in the shade of what is probably a hangar at Incirlik AFB to await aircraft events. Barely visible scratched on the wall above them is "Det from Hell", an apt name for that Detachment according to Rich Reiman. Help in identifying individuals shown would be appreciated.


A group of VR-24 personnel making a statement on the state of affairs during the squadron Detachment to Incirlick, AFB, otherwise known as the "Det From Hell". According to Rich Reiman, the Det began at Dudet in Anatollya, Turkey. After only two days, the Det was moved to Incirlik, AFB where Det personnel lived in a tent city until one of the Det's Senior Chiefs found a hotel in town. Within hours, however, the U.S. Air Force told the VR-24 folks they would have to get out of the hotel as it was a haven for terrorists. The Det's second try was only slightly more successful. They moved into a nice hotel protected by USAF Security. However, they were also soon "kicked out" of that hotel and slept on cots in a hangar for the final few days before returning to Sigonella. To make matters worse, PR2 Reiman, a non-drinker, and therefore a designated driver, received a DUI from the APs at Incirlik when another Det member got into the Det van, which Rich was driving, with a beer bottle.

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