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The photos on this and the next two pages were contributed by former member, Sam Todd, a C1A pilot during his tour with VR-24 Det Naples. The photos capture the activities of squadron personnel on an operational detachment to Decimimannu in 1965. The purpose of the detachment was, of course, to provide COD support for U.S. forces operating in the Western Mediterranean, which accounts for the photos taken during flights to, or while onboard ship.

Anyone who has photos, stories, and material they wish to share is encouraged to send them to
Dick Prather, Webmaster/Editor of the VR-24 website.


Setting up camp at Deci, May 1965


Reinforcements pitch in on getting the tents up.


The Deci camp with five of eight tents set up, May 1965


Red Hilton and his Hotel "Decimo".


Deci open air "terminal building", May 1965. In the photo are Ret Hilton and ADM Massey, 2nd & 3rd from left respectively.


Open air meeting, Deci Det, May 1965. L-R: LCDR McMurry (seated), LCDR Dan Dennis (back to camera), ADM1 Doughtery, LT Ken Balderston (seated)


LCDR McMurry grabs a bite. LT Balderston appears to check out his "al fresco" dining accommodations.

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