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The photos on this page are from Carlos Benavides' collection. They show individuals assigned to the VR-24 COD detachment aboard the USS America on Gonzo Station in the Indian Ocean during the summer of 1981.

The complete Detachment Roster included the following Officers and enlisted personnel:
Cdr D Coovery--OINC, Lt James Brewer---OINC, Lt Thomas Biery, Lt Sam Potts, ADC W. King, ATC T. Webb, AMH1 Carlos Benavides, AD1 A. Conter, AK1 D. McDowell, AD1 R. Seifts, AMH2 J. Glowicki, AZ2 S. Geels, AE2 Gary Kunz, AE2 Vincent Russo, AMS3 Dave Bachmann, AE3 S. Buuterfield, AMH3 J. Coldwell, AD3 Tim Hill, AD3 T. Weston, AMEAAN Sam Boyd, AMSAN P. Eernisee, AMHAN J. Flores, ADAN J. Laminack.
Detachment personnel were usually assigned for only part of the IO Det period. It is not known for sure if some stayed aboard the America for the entire period. In any event, not everyone on the Det Roster is shown in the photos below.

Anyone who has photos, stories, and material they wish to share is encouraged to send them to
Dick Prather, Webmaster/Editor of the VR-24 website.

(USN photo)

VR-24 personnel slated to go on the 1981 USS America IO Det. (standing l-r): Carlos B., Kunz, Glowicki, Seifts, Boyd, Laminack, Bachmann, Geels, King, Flores
(kneeling l-r): Potts, Biery, Brewer, Conter, Eernissee, Webb

(USN photo)

Some of the 1981 Gonzo Station IO Det personnel onboard USS America (standing l-r): Seifts, Chale Biggs, Conter, King,Brewer, Biery
(kneeling l-r): Glowicki, Geels, Laminack, Boyd, Bachmann, Kuntz

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