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Anyone who has additional photos and material relating to VR-24 operations at Sigonella which he or she wishes to share is encouraged to send them to Dick Prather, Webmaster/Editor of the VR-24 website.


Navy Times features VR-24 in edition published while the squadron was based at Sigonella.

(US Navy photo stayancho collection)

Tom Stayancho,who served in VR-24 from Dec 77 to July 79, contributed this photo of the VR-24 Avionics Division, which was taken at Sigonella in November 1978. Included in the photo are: Back row, left to right: Ensign Greg Brown, AEAN Bob Dingle, AE3 Bob Howard, AT2 Tom Stayancho, AE3 Bill Salter, AE1 Dave Salazar, AEC Steve Youst. Front row, left to right: AE1 Johnny Johnson, AT2 Jim Dickerson, AE1 Willie Wright, AE1 Larry Crews, ATAN Randy Hansel, ATC Russ Walsh.

(Grubs family collection)

Pilots and air crew at Sigonella. Shown are: Standing (L-R); LCDR Dick Hendrix, LCDR John Waas, LT Chip Calisch, LT Mike Veringa, LCDR Jerry Guardiano, LCDR Bill Eastin, and AD1 James Newingham. Kneeling (L-R); LT Suzanne Grubs, LT Mahoney, LCDR Leon Gower, LT Brian Robey, AD2 Castro, and AE2 Perky. LCDR Gower, LT Grubs and LT Veringa were three of seven crew and passengers killed on 24 November 1983 when two of the squadron's C1As disappeared while enroute together from Palma to Sigonella. Photo use courtesy of Paul Johnson.

(Grubs family collection)

LT Suzanne Grubs in pilot's seat of C1A 42 at Sigonella. Photo use courtesy of Paul Johnson.

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