Squadron Scrapbook Sigonella

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Anyone who has additional photos and material relating to VR-24 operations at Sigonella which he or she wishes to share is encouraged to send them to Dick Prather, Webmaster/Editor of the VR-24 website.


Mike Everhart, who served with VR-24 in 1981 to 1984, contributed this photo of the VR-24 Power Plants Division, which was taken at Sigonella during the Change of Command in 1983. Some of those identified in the photo are: Front Row kneeling;(beginning 2nd from left) Bob Welch (beard), PO1 Tony Pipkin (hand on prop) , and Troy Fisher (also hand on prop). Others, Mike Roth (3rd from left behind Bob Welch), Bill Postak (5th from left with shoulder in front of Mike Roth), Mike Everhart (7th from left in back row), CPO Suggs (8th from left behind Troy Fisher (front row center), PO2 Sandra Troy (second row, 4th from right), Brian Petre (behind PO2 Troy's right shoulder), PO Patterson (back row, 3rd from right).

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