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According to Joe Tumminelli, the UTILITY TRANSPORT SQUADRON FOUR group photo below was taken on 8 September 1947. Joe reported to the squadron on that date, but too late to be in the photo. It shows most of the original "Plank Owners" of VRU-4 making it historically significant. Fortunately, Joe recorded the names of those shown on the back of the photo. Those names have been transcribed below the photo, which is displayed oversize to increase clarity.

Anyone who has additional photos and material relating to VR-24 operations at Hendon which they wish to share is encouraged to send them to Dick Prather, Webmaster/Editor of the VR-24 website.

(USN photo tumminelli collection)

VRU-4 Squadron Personnel

Right wing standing L-R: Nish, LH, AMM2; Murray, WM,YN3; Edwards, H, S2; Rollo, RB S1; Sires, FM, S1; Rasmussen, WG, S1; Williams(?); Aceti, R, S2;
Right wing sitting L_R: Bias, JH, ARM1; Tice(?); Barton, RJ, S1; Lauter, PC, ARM3; Rutledge, JA, AMMC1; Farmer(?); Shultz, EH, ARM3;
Under Right Wing L-R: Taylor, RA, ARM3; Bailey, GM, ARM3 Wengio(?); Branch, RE, S1; Reid, WF, AMM1; (Unidentified
Commissioned Officers, Standing Center L-R; Jones, CM, LCDR; Kendricks, TF, LT; GAins(?); Keiford,(?) LT; Harkbushka, M, LT; Wred(?); Jacobs, EF, LCDR (skipper); Davidson, GH, LT; Warden, GW, LT; Wooden, WW, LT; Rees, PG, ENS; Hoagland(?)
Chief Petty Officers (Front Row) L_R: Pomeroy, LA, CAP; THomann, F, ACMM; Locklair, JR, CAP; Clumm, EJ, ACMM; Goodway(?); Cook, JW, ACET; Mueks, ACRM; Goodwin, BE, ACETM; Cornelius, CSK; Jenkins ACETM
Left wing standing L-R: Dulin, PP, S1; Moore, W, ARM1; Bennett, E, SSMB1; Van Wocent(?); Pasdeniack(?); MacDonald(?); Ahern, JE, S1; Matibag, D, STM1; Palmateer, RE, AMM2
Left wing sitting L-R: Jones(?); Cleveland, JA, AMM3; Sawer, NA, S1; Wilhite, JW, BM2; Tuso, LF, AMM2; Tindel, VE, S1; Cash(?); Gonyea, AL, SKV2
Under Left wing standing L-R: Pinkovitch (?); Hendrickson(?); Butler, TR, AMM2; Hollingsworth, C, AMM1; Baker, RJ, S1; O'Loughlin, RJ, AEM2

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