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The photo below is from the collection of Harry Schoettle, who was a U.S. Coast Guard aircrewman based at Capodichinno. The photo dates from June 1970 when VR-24 and Coast Guard personnel had a ball team. The photo is shown courtesy of Mike Schoettle, Harry Schoettle's son.

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(schoettle collection)

The 1970 NAF Capodichinno combined VR-24 and U.S. Coast Guard ball team. Team members present include: Front Row (l-r); John Bennett, Larry Cory, Harry Schoettle, Dan Futado. Second Row (l-r); Tony Caruso, Bill Estes, Punghy Destanfano, Bill Eagan, Pete Petersen. Third Row (l-r); Jim Novic, Harry Phipps, Gil Parks, Randy Henry. Team member, Dennis Crosby, is not ahown.

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