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The photos on this page are from the collection of Steve Marsilio who was assigned to NAF Capochinno from 1971-75. As an Aviation Machinist he worked in the AIMD engine and and prop shops. He worked on R1820 QEC build for VR-24 C-1A aircraft and R-2800s for the Station C-131s. Other duties included working on propellers for C-1As, C-2As, and H-46 helicopters.

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The view looking west across the ramp at Capodichinno was taken from the NAF barracks roof. It gives some idea how small the NAF was. The international air terminal located at the southwest corner of the field is visible in the distance at the far left of the photo.


The C5A in this photo dwarfs the Station C131 in front of it (behind crane). The arrival and departure of very large aircraft like the C5A Galaxy were events that got attention.


The USAF C-141 in left side of photo has come to grief. Apparently having taxied off the concrete, its left mainmount sank into the mud. It appears that the unfortunate aircraft is not obstructing the other C-141 in foreground or the Fokker airliner in the background.


Another attention getting event occurred when violent winds (small tornado?) hit the field. The worst damage seems to have been caused when a large piece of the U.S. Navy hangar roof peeled away and landed on top of automobilies parked nearby.

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