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Additional photos from Vern Christensen' collection. The Naples eastern skyline is dominated by Mount Vesuvius, an on again, off again, active volcano. The image of Naples is also formed by the magnificent bay on which the city is located. The phtos on this page are arranged to give some impression of the prominence of both Vesuvius and the bay in the lives of those who live and work in Naples.

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The Bay of Naples looking north from somewhere over Serento. The city of Naples is beyond the left edge of this photo along the bay north and west Mount Vesuvius is to the right in this photo.


A view of Isola Di Nisida, located at the western most point along the bay of Naples. The islands of Capri and Isccicia are visible in the background.


Mount Vesuvius dominates the Neopolitona eastern horizen. Here, the romantic cone is viewed in its best setting, from along the Bay of Naples.


This view shows Vesuvius to an even better advantage, with the breakwater protecting smallcraft in the foreground.


A closer view of the shoreline and boat basin.


Italian fishermen tend their boats, perhaps after a night of fishing for anchovies in the bay. The number of nets drying on racks in foreground gives some idea how much the Italians depend on the sea as a source of food.


This view of an Italian fisherman mending a net along the quay is timeless.


This edifice, reportedly a relic from the time of the crusades, dominates the Naples waterfront. It was said that scores of poor Italian families called it home following WWII. When Vern Christensen took this photo in the early 1950s most automibilies, including taxis visible in the lower right, were of prewar vintage.


Piazza Garibaldi and the central train station in Napoli.


This photo, though somewhat dark, gives a idea what some of the back steets of Naples was like.

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