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Given the amount of time some of the Port Lyautey flight crewmembers spent in Naples, it is little wonder that many of them took the opportunity to see the sites of Naples and surrounding area. The photos below, contributed by Bill Miller, a former flight crewman based in Port Lyautey, add to the photo-mosiac of Naples as it was in the late 1950s and early 1960s.

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Street scene with view of hilltop palace, now a Naval museum, and the backside of the palace.


In this photo, one of a series, Bill Miller captures maneuvering landing craft participating in an exercise by U.S. Navy ships visible in the background. The nature of the exercise is at present unknown.


A major attraction for visitors to Naples was and is the Isle of Capri, lying several miles off shore in the entrance to the Bay of Naples. The ferrys in this photo ran on a regular basis to and from the island. Given the heavy coat of the officer in this photo, it is doubtful that many tourists would be embarking for Capri at the time of year when the photo was taken. .


ADR2 Fred Fuentes, AT3 Art King, and AE3 Bill Miller on a day trip to the Isle of Capri.


Perhaps the most exciting part of any trip to Capri was traversing the cliffside road from Ana Capri, built along the beach facing Naples, to the village located beyond the crest of the island.


A good shot of the Island of Capi from the after deck of the ferry returning to Naples.


Pompei, located southeast along the Bay of Naples was at least as popular with VR-24 personnel as Capri.


Only a small percentage of the city, which was buried by an eruption of Mt. Vesuvious in AD 67, had been excavated when this photo was taken in 1969 or 1960.

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