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The photos on this page are from the collection of Ralph DeLange who served as an Aviation Electrician at Naples from 1953 to 1955. Ralph previously contributed an account of the accident in which TBM BL610 from FASRON 77 crashed at Capodichinno.

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(delange collection)

Ralph DeLange and friends get together for refreshments. This photo appears to have been taken in the NAF Enlisted Men's Club. The significance of the FASRON 52 squadron emblem visible on the back wall is a mystery. Fleet Air Service Squadron 52 is thought to have provided support for VC-7 and VC-8, two of the Navy's squadrons equipped with AJ Savage aircraft. When the emblem was added to the wall of the club in Naples is unknown.

(delange collection)

In a more humorous situation, these sailors appear to be competing to see who can empty a baby bottle first. It is not known what the contents of the bottles were, but it is probably safe to assume that it was not milk, or baby formula.

(delange collection)

This photo shows Ralph Delange's shipmates, Johnson and Steriti performing maintenance or repair on a ground power unit. Such units usually amounted to a small gasoline engine powering a 24 volt DC generator. They were used primarily to start aircraft, as in this case, a VR-24 or FASRON 77 TBM, but were also used durig aircraft ground maintenance.

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