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The photos on this page were contributed by Jim Branigan who was a member of VR-24 Det Naples when they were taken durning a Squadron Admin/Captain's inspection in May,1969.

Anyone who has photos or information they wish to contribute to the VR-24 website is encouraged to send them to
Dick Prather, Webmaster/Editor of the VR-24 website.

(USN photo branigan collection)

Personnel of VR-24 Det Naples Power Plants Shop: (l-r) ADR3 Tom Stewart, ADR3 Charlie Barnett, ADR3 Mike Witt, ADR3 Jim Branigan, ADR2 Lucky Fugate, ADR2 JC Higgins, ADR1 Tomko, LTjg Estes, Power Plants Division Officer

(USN photo branigan collection)

Enlisted personnel of VR-24 Det Naples in May 1969: Chief Petty Officers kneeling (l-r); Red Barron, Yates, Logan, Hillhouse.
Other enlisted, rate/rating indicated where provided: Huss Caselden (married a girl from Naples and stayed), JJ Leighman, Matt-Matthews, JC Higgens, SN Burnley, Harry Pieper, Chris Aguair, Cleves, YN1 MacQuisten, Charlie Barnett, Tom Ash, Curlie Wright, Wallie Knautz, AME2 Fredricks, AE2 Johnson, Tony Caruso, Don Smalledge, Bruce Robertson, YN1 Chote, Bill Bunker, Mike Witt, Tony Faciola, Tom Stewart, AMS1 Jones, Lucky Fugate, ADR3 Jim Branigan, AE2Harris AZ1 Bauer, Charlie Love, ADR1 Tomko, AZ1 Hart, AT1 Diewert, Jesse Liddle (he broke his leg at a wine fest in Athens, fell of a wall), AT1 Hall, Sam Willard and AK1 Jones.

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