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The three photos below are from the collection of Harold Rareden who served with VR-24 in Port Lyautey from 1951-53. Anyone who has photos or information that he/she cares to share with "shipmates" and friends is encouraged to send them to Dick Prather, Webmaster/Editor of the VR-24 website.


A rare pair; A Spanish Air Force Junkers JU-52 and Heinlel HE-111 on the ramp at Port Lyautey. A VR-24 R5D departs in the background. 1952.


A R7V Super Constellation from VR-1 awaits passengers in front of the new Port Lyautey air terminal (1952).


A close up of the VR-1 R7V, the Navy's version of the Air Force C-121.

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