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These pages are dedicated to the preservation of the-less-than-official version of memorable and often amusing events in the squadron's history. The ambiguity of the title for these pages is intentional. Ops summaries contain highlights of operational events and are usually based on post-op debriefs of participants. They sometimes contain factual errors and are seldom the final word, normally being followed by official accounts and histories. The term prop wash usually refers to the rush of air created by a turning propeller. It can also be used to indicate or recollect things past, i.e., "in the prop wash". And in the vernacular of the hangar deck prop wash can have other meanings. Some who read this will recall when, as unsuspecting neophytes newly reported to their first aviation command, they were sent around the squadron spaces in search of a bucket of that mythical ingredient, prop wash. An even more obscure use of the term implied that a shipmate's narration of an event might lack historical accuracy. As used for the title for these pages, however, Prop Wash is not meant to disparage the veracity of any material presented. It is intended to provide latitude for everyone so inclined to share personal experiences and stories relevant to VR-24 that are interesting and entertaining. Complete and accurate details are obviously desirable since they increase the historical value and "staying power" of a story. And some articles presented in the following pages do include documentation in one form or another. However, many rely on the narrator's memory of events for their accuracy, if not authenticity. For our purposes here, that is good enough.

Anyone who has photos, stories, and material they wish to share is encouraged to send them to Dick Prather, Webmaster/Editor of the VR-24 website.


When the following article was published in 1947 by a now-defunct news organization, the crewmembers identified were assigned to VRU-4, VR-24's predecessor. The routes flown by VR-24 changed over time but the squadron's mission remained the same, delivering people and goods to the Fleet.