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Page Twenty Nine

The AIRPOWER magazine article contributed by Bruce and Gabrielle Thompson is continued below.

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The Military Airpower Magazine article on the Navy's COD mission clearly illustrates VR-24's day to day operation. The article also contains photos of members of the squadron going about their duties as aircrew in carrying out the squadron's mission. There do, however, appear to be minor inaccuracies in the article with regard to the history of the C1A and the seating capacity of the US3A.

(MAP thompson collection)

The above photo from MILITARY AIRPOWER depicts VRC-50 C2A 423 inflight over the Philipines, the noses of two VR-24 C2s, an older version and a "reconstructed" one. The above image has also been extensively edited to rejoin halves of one image and repair damage. The image should not be viewed as original.

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