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VR-24 was known not only as the "World's Biggest Little Airlines" but also one of the friendliest. Well into the 1960s, many Bluejackets and dependents who flew to or from duty stations in Europe and the Mediterranean areas experienced their first flight ever on one of the squadron's aircraft. Most VR-24 aircrews went out of their way to make the flights pleasant for their passengers, if not always comfortable. Unlike today, passengers were almost always welcome during the enroute phase of the flights to visit the cockpit and talk to the pilots and other crewmembers. Inter-action with the crew served to inform passengers on flight progress and tended to reduce boredom for both parties. Flight crews also used pre-printed forms to dissemminate information to their passengers. John Denehy, a former Marine assigned to the Marine Detachment, Naples, Italy (1954-1956), and a VR-24 "frequent flyer" long before that term came into vogue, contributed the two Enroute Progress Reports shown below. Jay Galinos, a VR-24 pilot (1979-1981) contributed the Flight Information form, also included in this page.

This Enroute Progress Report form (to the right) was used on a flight from Port Lyautey to Naples with enroute stops at Tripoli and Malta. Note the signature of the Plane Commander. A.H. Bowker was the Squadron C.O.

The form below was used on a flight from Naples to Port Lyautey with stops at Malta and Gibraltar. John reports that the flight was rough, as forecast on the form. He also indicated the crew was very friendly and professional. Note the info contained on the back of the same form (below right). The forms were printed on 8 X 10 1/2 in. paper but have been reduced to save space on this page.

(denehy collection)

(denehy collection)

(denehy collection)

(galinos collection)

General information sheet on VR-24 aircraft and mission.

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