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The photos on this page were contributed by Bruce Thompson who serve two tours in VR-24 as an Aviation Metalsmith. He performed ground maintenance, was a Quality Assurance (QA) Representative, and flew as an aircrewman on the C2A and T39 aircraft. These photos depict Bruce Thompson and other members of the squadron as they carry out the squadron's missions, and enjoy the fringe benifits and opportunities to travel offered by their aircrew duties.

Anyone who has photos, stories,and/or material they wish to share is encouraged to send them to
Dick Prather, editor of the VR-24 website.


On the ramp at Pisa, Italy, the crew of VR-24 T-39 31 (BUNO 159362) includes l-r AMH1 Jimmy Halen, AD1 Mel Clay, LT Alvil, and other unident pilot.


AMS1 Thompson poses at crew door of C2A 25 on a mission to Cigilla, Turkey.


Passing the "utter long hours of boredom"; (l-r) AMS3 Hans Korf, AD2 Skip Widman, and AMS2 Steve Loiselle play cards in the cabin of a VR-24 C2A.


AMS1 Thompson and AD1 Dennis 'Eddie' Smith on the ramp at LeBourget near Paris (1988).


L-R, AE3 Marcello Longo and AMS1 Thompson resort to reading a map to avoid getting lost during an RON (rest over night) stop in Paris.


VR-24 members pose across the river from the Eiffel Tower during a RON to Paris. L-R: AMH2 Roy Harrison, LT Tom Kinney, LT Armando Gomez, and AMS1 Bruce Thompson.

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