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The photos on this page conclude coverage of the Fiftieth Anniversary Commemoration of the rescue of the twenty-four passengers and crew from the crash of VR-24 R5D 56521 on 8 March 1960. Details of that accident are included in Accident Pages of this website.

Anyone who has photos, stories,and/or material they wish to share is encouraged to send them to
Dick Prather, editor of the VR-24 website.


A group of ladies dressed in traditional local costume gather in preparation for singing a song composed especially for the 50th anniversary commemoration.


The Pub del Avion is located on the route taken by Ambassador Solomont during his visit and procession through the village of Jerez del Marquesado. Although it has been in business for only twelve years it houses an extensive collection of photos covering the crash of VR-24 R5D 56521.


The interior walls of Pub el Avion is covered with photos and news articles depicting the rescue of passengers and crew from R5D 56521. The photo shown here, taken some time after the accident, gives some idea of the shape of the terrain on which the crash occurred.


This telephoto view, taken from the Hotel Picon in Jerez del Marquesado, shows the crash site of R5D 56521. The spot where the aircraft touched down is just below the tiny patch of snow, directly in line above the chimney in the foreground. The patch of snow is at an altitude of approximately 8,000 feet, 3,000 feet below the top of the mountain above it.


Saturday festivities stretched into the evening with a demonstration of equestian skills and a "spectacular" involving acrobats defying agressive spanish cattle.


A member of the local team of acrobats dodges the horns of one of the two cows used in the evening "spectacular". The cow shown here is definitely not your everday milk cow. It is interestng to note that most cows seen during a month's travel around southern Spain had similar horns. By contrast, most cows in the U.S. are treated when calves to prevent the development of horns.


One of the acrobats is shown leaping over a charging cow. The act is set by another acrobat inciting the cow with gestures or flags. When the cow charges the decoy runs, leading the cow directly to the acrobat whose act is to leap over the animal.


A prime specimen of the type of Spanish bull bred for the ring. Although agressive, this particular bull gave the appearance of having pawed his way around similar rings more than once before.

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