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VR-24 changed home bases four times during its operational history. The squadron relocated from RAF Hendon to Port Lyautey in 1950, from there to Rota, Spain, in 1963, to Naples in 1971,and to Sigonella in 1976. Each move was to a better location from which to support the Fleet. CAPT Wade Bascom, USN RET, the CO when VR-24 moved from Rota to Naples, contributed the following photos and information relating to that move.

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CAPT Wade Bascom, USN

CAPT Bascom:

The move of the C-2's and Command to Naples was to consolidate and strengthen the COD operations, shorten the flying time to the carriers and the scene of action ie: mideast crisis. The squadon moved itself; crew, dependents, bags and baggage in the C-2's, C-130's and Reserve C-118's (R6D's). No stand down was involved. Operations continued as normal, just a few extra flights between Rota and Naples. Naples people helped the Rota people find housing etc. The whole operation went very smoothly.The entire squadron didn't move. The C-130 crews and support stayed in Rota, as VR-24 Detachment Rota, under command of the Executive Officer, Norwood (Woody) Barfield. The C-2 crews and support personnel, along with the Command and staff simply joined the VR-24 Det Naples.


Loading up and getting ready to leave Rota.


Lank Lancaster, Jerry Reed(?), and Tom Chiprany(?) prepare to depart Rota for Naples


C2A JM 123 taxies for departure from Rota.


C2A 124 heads east over Spain.


C2As arrive at new home, Capodichinno, Naples.


Welcome party for new arrivals from Rota


The party continues.

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