Squadron Scrapbook

Page Nineteen

The photos on this and the next two pages are from John Criss' collection. They date from the period 1969 to 1972, during which John served with VR-24 as an Aviation Electrician.

Anyone who has photos, stories, and material they wish to share is encouraged to send them to
Dick Prather, Webmaster/Editor of the VR-24 website.


Newbies and fellow Aviation Electians, John Criss and ____Cole enjoy a day at Rota's seaside.


AE John Criss appears to have settled in at the VR-24 Avionics desk, perhaps for a long watch.


Fellow AE, Don Miko.


AT Richardson (L) and AE Miller (R) share what appears to be an integreted work space for Avionics and Electrical maintenance activities.


AE Dennis Genovese.


AE Richard Whitfield.

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