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The photos on this and the following page are from the collection of Jim Cassidy who served as an Aviation Machinist Mechanic with VR-24 at Rota from February 1967 through Februrary 1970.

Anyone who has photos, stories, and material they wish to share is encouraged to send them to
Dick Prather, Webmaster/Editor of the VR-24 website.

(cassidy collection)

Jim Cassidy (right) and Cecil Mitchell in old squadron barracks at Rota, 22 Feb 1967.

(cassidy collection)

Flight Orderlies, John Fowler, Jim Cassidy, and Ceci Mitchell in old barracks, Rota, 12 July 1967.

(cassidy collection)

Jim Cassidy (right) and Billy Ryder at Rota, November 1968.

(cassidy collection)

Jim Cassidy (right) and Bobby Boles, Rota February 28, 1967.

(cassidy collection)

Jim Cassidy, center, and buddies in the Ago-Go Bar in Rota. Photo; 1969. L-R: Reed, Larry Hummel, Jim Cassidy, Bill Hendrickson, Glen Walker.

(cassidy collection)

New Year's Eve celebration at the Crazy Cat Club in Rota, December 31, 1969. Front Row L-R: Johns, Cortne, Jack Tanner. Back Row L-R: Lang, unknown, Larry Wilson, Dick Winters, Jim Cassidy, Whitey Whitfield, George Cope, Bill Hendrickson, Bob Richardson, Nancy, Chipper Sheehan, Rick MUessner, Ginny, Skip Buchior.

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