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The photos on this page are also from Jim Cassidy's collection.

Anyone who has photos, stories, and material they wish to share is encouraged to send them to
Dick Prather, Webmaster/Editor of the VR-24 website.

(cassidy collection)

In front of the Fat Black Pussy Cat bar in Rota's T Town, June 1969. Shown are, L-R: Sheehan, Bruce Cansler, John Fields, and Mishler.

(cassidy collection)

Same time and location. Shown are, L-R: Jim Cassidy, Bar worker, John Fields, Mishler, Sheehan.

(cassidy collection)

Jim Cassidy and Cecil Mitchell on Chippeona Road, 26 June 1968.

(cassidy collection)

Jim Cassidy's Carmen Gia in front of Benny's Bar and Grill, 26 June 1968.


Jim Cassidy and friends enjoying drinks in the company of a young lady in Benny's Bar and Grill. Assistance in identifying others in the this photo would be appreciated.

(cassidy collection)

Benny, her dog, Cookie, and Jim Cassidy's dog, Chinook in the back yard of Benny's Bar and Grill. Photo dates 26 February 1970, just before Jim returned to the U.S.

(cassidy collection)

Jim Cassidy and Phil Henderson in Sandes Norway, 1967.

(cassidy collection)

Bob Lesner and Phil Henderson also in Sandes Norway.

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