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More photos from the collection of Ronald Salamanca. The photos on this page show scenes from the parts of Spain visited by the Salamanca family during Raymond Salamanca's assignment to VR-24 at Rota.

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(salamanca collection)

A scenic view of a boat repair yard in Puerta de Santa Maria. Ron Salamanca reports that Columbus' ship, the Santa Maria, was built in this boatyard by men on work furlough from the local jail.

(salamanca collection)

A long-held Spanish tradition, bull fighting offered excitement of a differnt kind for Americans living in Spain. This photo is thought to show the entrance to the Arena del Toros in Jerez de la Frontera, about seven miles from the base at Rota.

(salamanca collection)

This photo shows the ruins of a bridge dating from the time when Spain was ruled by Rome. The exact location of the bridge was not available when the photo was posted.


This shows one of many "hill towns" scattered throughout Spain. The exact location of this town is not available.

(salamanca collection)

This photo is thought to show the Roman era bridge over the River Tormes at Salamanca, Spain.

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