Squadron Scrapbook
Port Lyautey/Kenitra

Page Twenty Five

The photos on this page were contributed by Mike Hatfield, son of LTJG/LT Hatfield,who was a pilot with the squadron in Port Lyautey in the late 1950s. The photos show various VR-24 officers and their wives participating in a "Gay '90s" party at the O Club.

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The "barbershop quartet". Members include: (l-r standing) Jeff Jones, Jack Bishop, Reed Rundell, Harv Bennefield, and Jose Porto. Man in chair is thought to be Fred Mench. Id's thanks to Karl Reith, who served as a pilot in VR-24 from Sep '57 until April '60. This and the other photos on this page date from early 1958. .


The "boxer". According to Karl Reith, the 'boxer' was a member of NAS Port Lyautey staff. Observing is VR-24 member LT Bill Cann.


The "swimmers". Assistance in identifying individuals in this photo would be appreciated.


LT 'Porky' Hatfield and his wife, attired in the costume of the Gay Nineties. Individual in the background is LCDR Billy Dixon.

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