Squadron Scrapbook
Port Lyautey/Kenitra

Page Nineteen

These photos are also from Tom Borbe's collection. They show squadron personnel taking advantage of time off to enjoy Mehdyia Beach, a short distance west of NAS Port Lyautey.

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Speed limits posted prominently on road into Mehdyia Beach, a popular place to live and play (Mar 1961)


The "main drag" of Mehdyia Beach (March 1961).


Beach-front property, Mehdyia Beach (March 1961).


Another view of the businesses and residences located immediately inboard of Mehdyia Beach (March 1961).


The main attraction, a view of the surf off Mehdyia Beach. This photo was taken in March, showing the mild weather enjoyed by the residents much of the year (March 1961).


A group of off-duty squadron members prepare to soak up a rays (March 1961).


Ah, the simple pleasures of life, Sun, sand, and a few brews. Names of individuals shown were not available at time of posting (March 1961).

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