Squadron Scrapbook
Port Lyautey/Kenitra

Page Fifteen

NAS Port Lyautey had, by the time the photos on this page were taken in 1957, become an oasis. The long-term efforts of the resident U.S. Navy Construction Battalions had transformed what had begun as an outpost airfield on the banks of the Ouede Sebou. Among the amenities, courtesy of the Sea Bees, was a very nice Enlisted Men's Club where entertainers from Europe and the U.S. regularly came to perform. New Year's Eve was an occasion when the performers pulled out all stops, as is illustrated by the collection of photos below.



Blonde bombshell sings to an appreciative crowd.


One lucky guy is invited to join the show.


No show is complete without a juggler


The MC plays the pipes.


Dancers liven things up


Stripper takes down more than the curtains


Jack Bolger and Jack Libby enjoy the show


Pattison, Prather, Gorsuch, Moore and ____, all new arrivals to VR-24 and Port Lyautey, have much to celebrate.

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