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VR-24 aircraft maintenance shops and office spaces were also housed in Quonset huts before construction of two large hangars and adminstrative buildings was completed in 1952. From the photos below, the pace of operations also appears to have been slower in the days before and for some period after the squadron command moved from Hendon to Port Lyautey.

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Waiting for muster. Some sit in the sun, some shoot the breeze, and a few energetic ones play horse shoes (1950).


John Bebza and Burnell take a moment with squadron mascot, Bosco. The Marston matting indicates that this photo was taken in the squadron area (1950).


Squadron member, Volpe, appears to be engrossed in a book, perhaps to pass the time while on watch in the Squadron Duty Office (1951).


Volpe, PE Smith, and Chief Aviation Pilot, Ross strike a pose outside squadon maintenance shack (1951).


Protected by their Navy issue sun helmets, members of VR-24 climb on to "squadron transport" for ride "up the hill" to chow. The truck was reportedly "cumshawed", i.e. stolen from the Army in Casablanca and painted gray.


Bill Tyrell appears to be confused by the sign post near the large French hangar. The names/organizations on the sign post have only become more confusing with time.

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