Squadron Scrapbook
Port Lyautey/Kenitra

Page Twenty Seven

Some members of the squadron took advantage of the opportunities to hunt wild boar in the foothills of the Atlas Mountains east of Port Lyautey. The photos on this page depict the activities relating to one hunt thought to have occurred in 1958.

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(owen collection)

Art Ware, Del Fisher, Dick Richards gather in the mountains near Ifrane, Morocco to begin a boar hunt. .

(owen collection)

Moroccan hunter, beaters/drivers, and assorted "hunting" dogs await the start of the hunt.

(owen collection)

Art Ware waits for Moroccan beaters to drive boar his way.

(owen collection)

Art Ware and Dick Richard with boar that Art shot.

(owen collection)

Art Ware and Russ Hope inspect the boar that Art bagged during the hunt.

(owen collection)

Roasting the boar provides a reason for a party. Among those shown are (L-R standing) Dick Richard, Lucille Acerbi, Delbert Fisher, Pete Owen, Bill Witzke. Person on far right is unidentified. Seated (L-R) Art Ware, Russ Hope and Johnnie Acerbi.

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